How do I know that you are a reputable psychotherapist?

The UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) accreditation is only awarded to practicing psychotherapists who have demonstrated extensive experience with clients, along with satisfying various other criteria such as written case studies to demonstrate a depth of knowledge, interviewing/testing, and working alongside a psychiatrist in a clinical setting. My accreditation to the UKCP and their ongoing monitoring of me, gives you absolute assurance that I work to the highest professional standards.

Do you have professional insurance?

My professional indemnity insurance is arranged by Balens specialist insurance brokers and underwritten by Zurich insurance plc.

My policy provides a limit of indemnity of £6,000,000 for any one claim.

I am not in the United Kingdom. Are you still able to work with me?

Yes I can. I have a number of clients from (or living in) different countries and time zones that I see via video conferencing.

How long are the sessions?

One session lasts 50 minutes. Sessions are held on a weekly basis excluding pre-arranged holidays and sickness. However, it is not uncommon for clients to suggest two sessions in one week or double sessions every two weeks. A clients needs will be established at the point of starting and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

How long will I be in psychotherapy?

The time frame of psychotherapy depends on the individual circumstances and can vary from months to several years. Structured progress checks give the client the chance to monitor and share how they are progressing.

Are psychotherapy sessions confidential?

Everything discussed during sessions is strictly confidential. The only person I can discuss your case with is my supervisor (see below), but this is within a professional setting and is also strictly confidential. The only times that confidentiality might have to be broken is if there was a serious risk to either yourself or to someone close to you, but this would be discussed with you at the time.

Are you professionally supervised?

Yes, as per the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) Code of Ethics, I must receive regular supervision.